A thought

Ok, after giving much thought into this new maze of what a healthcare benefit entails, I must say, you really do have to be a rocket scientist. Most policies are not written in the English language, and most claims are done out of the country to save costs. So what does that mean for you, the member? Heartache, gastro intestitnal reflux and some side effects to crohne’s disease, meaning diarrhea.

Honestly, most big insurance companies are making about a 30% profit for their shareholders, so how does that impact you? More deductibles, more cash out of your pocket and more headaches. Very simple, right!  Oy vay, so what can we do? My opinion, we need to do it right, so why not run our own company, and put the profit back into our own company. That is how you will save money.

Now your turn, go ahead and ask me how!


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