Where does America rank in the world?

With all the hullabaloo that is going on in healthcare, we are a nation that has a lot to answer for. America is currently ranked # 37. WOW!! With all the monies being spent on politics, we need to reshift our focus on the people and for the people!

So what country has the best health care? We took these statistics from the World Health Organization, which measure spending and medical infrastructure in nearly 200 countries across the globe the data shows that:

• The US has the highest health spending in the world – equivalent to 17.9% of its gross domestic product (GDP), or $8,362 per person. And it’s not all private – government spending is at $4,437 per person, only behind Luxembourg, Monaco and Norway.

I say, what a disaster and what a shame for Americans!

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2 thoughts on “Where does America rank in the world?

  1. Earthly Water Company

    You are absolutely correct.
    The USA is ranked at the 37 place as you said, and under Cuba, which is a Communist country….What that tells you? In the first place is Japan!

    The United States healthcare industry is the world’s biggest – with $300 billion a year spent on prescription drugs alone, and rising. But recent months have seen health scandal after health scandal, with some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies fined billions of dollars.
    These cases are beginning to reveal vast corruption in the drug industry, with revelations of fraud, of cover-ups of fatal side effects and huge kickbacks paid to doctors. Our investigation reveals the story of how healthcare became unhealthy profit.
    This is an area where one does NOT want to come in at first place. Sadly though, recent statistics reveal that at least half of all Americans are suffering from 1-5 chronic illnesses. This alarming situation is largely due in part to the Western diet that full of acidic foods and beverages.

    Here are some more facts that are sure to get everyone attention:
    • Cases of Colon Disease have never been more Prevalent.
    According to the highly reputable Merck Manual, colon degeneration and disease is on the rise. More specifically, the incidence of diverticulosis, a type of hernia, has increased dramatically over the past 40 years. In 1950, only 10% of Americans had this disease, but that number had already grown to nearly 50% by 1987.
    • Colon Cancer Kills 400% more People than AIDS.
    It also kills even more American men and women than breast and prostate cancer.
    • Just this year alone, 60,000 Americans will Die from Colon-Rectal Cancer.
    An additional 125,000 cases of the disease will be diagnosed, as well.
    Up to Half of All Americans have Polyps in their Colon.
    The majority of these polyps will eventually mutate into malignant cancer tumors.


    1. New Health Insurance News Post author

      I agree with your comment, wholeheartedly. As an example, the Psychiatric bible book, the DSM IV, is written by psychiatrists. And who do you think underwrites them? The drug industry. So, really, the book should be the bible for the drug industry, and not the mental health or subsctance abusers.
      Yes, I am still a Canadian, and when I came to the USA, several decades ago I saw their eating patterns, and this counrty encourages bad habits, and pays them to continue this. The same with education. USA is not even ranked in the top ten……They really should look at countries that do well, and each American should have better ownership in their health and the future of this country. We are sadly lacking in these convictions. Julia


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