The Cloud, the STORM has arrived!

Of all of our overused buzz words, this one seems to be the most ubiquitous in consumer advertising these days (possibly tied with mobile).  What does the Cloud really mean and what are the implications for healthcare?  Cloud computing involves giant banks of connected computers that can handle multiple software applications and data storage at once.  In the past, sharing software applications or storing data was inefficient and had several downsides. Then voila, a genius came along and developed software that would enable you to spread your application and storage across many networked devices.  This led to much more efficient computing.  The good thing is, if one computer breaks no one really notices because the load is balanced by others.

How does this effect healthcare? The power of mobile and the power of Big Data could not be achieved without the added innovation of cloud computing.  As of now, storage of  Big Data is in the Cloud.  These three innovations rely on one another for success.

It is revolutionary, and here to stay  They truly are the epitome of how technology and healthcare have become brothers and sisters.    


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