We have a wide array of areas that we may be able to service your needs.

Please check below our areas of expertise:



1.  Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Program Start-up, Consultation and Continuing Program Management

I have opened up from scratch many Medicare, Medicaid, ad managed care programs. Including accreditation, and license approvals. I can operate all levels of care from children, to adults, to teens and geriatric patients. I can supervise and conduct planning activities to determine mental health and developmental disabilities needs and develop appropriate programs and structures to address those needs. I provide quality assurance programs and corporate compliance approved by the state and federal law. I provide employees with resources necessary to succeed in meeting program outcome objectives. I provide financial management of clinical services and set service capacity standards. I collaborate with Mental Health Advisory Committee and a variety of community partners and stakeholders to provide essential safety net of human services, promoting access to care and coordination of services. I monitor, manage and evaluate sub-contract providers plus additional contracts.

2.  Compliance Audit/Quality Assistance

I can provide oversight to the recruitment, training and monitoring of a panel of private mental health providers. I am a regulatory compliance consultant, having been involved in many million dollar lawsuits.

3.  Developing and designing behavioral healthcare educational materials

I am the author, graphic designer and publisher of “Your Medicine”, workbooks and instructor’s guides for behavioral health and substance abuse. These are available for purchase.

4.  Parity Law expert

With the current Obama care laws, I am considered an expert on how this will impact a consumer and provider.
There are many new billing codes to start as of January 1, 2013, and I will be providing webinars on this. Call or email us.

5.  Hedge Fund Consultant

I am consultant with several private hedge fund companies, to provide information on what the latest trends are in healthcare and IT.

6.  RN Advocate

With over 40 years of experience as a corporate leader and legal nurse, I have a broad base of in-depth clinical experience in a variety of specialties. Along with a strong clinical knowledge base and fluency in “medical speak”, I have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and ability to navigate within it. I collect and process all the information about your case and teach you what is happening. I carefully review all records to look for gaps: what diagnostic tests might have been missed, what results might have been overlooked, what changes in the current treatment might result in better health I teach you and your family about these options so you can best understand your health options and make an informed choice.

7.  General Nursing Consulting

Due to my vast experience, I can provide information on how to do submit claims, how to process appeals and how to possibly win your claim.



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